Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Stories

When a patient is first diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis, they often feel scared, confused, and alone. We want you to know that if you have CHS, you are not alone. You may find that you have a similar story to the stories listed here, or your experience may be slightly different because CHS effects everyone differently. Some people have subtle symptoms for years (the prodromal phase), while others experience intense symptoms very quickly (the hyperemetic phase). We hope you experience sympathy and compassion when reading what people with CHS have gone through. If you’d like to read more people’s experiences, join the Facebook Group Recovery from Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

Jacob Gray, 26


A couple years into using mid grade cannabis daily, I started sweating obnoxiously throughout the day whether I was high or not. That was the first sign I personally developed, but ignored. 

A few more years of daily use and then came the real side effects…

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Christine Leary talks about her experience with CHS.

Christine Leary, 56

Manchester, New Hampshire

I smoked “pot” every day for almost 35 years. Around 2012 I started waking up in the morning with severe hunger pangs. In 2014 I started getting sick one Saturday a month, vomiting all day. After a few episodes I realized that the typical stomach virus wasn’t responsible for my symptoms…

CANNABINOID HYPEREMESIS SYNDROME patient Julia Unger - happy being sober

Julia Unger, 19

Denver, Colorado

I was diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) on August 27, 2019. My symptoms started in October/November of 2018, usually in connection with my menstrual cycle, then became multiple times a month.

I ended up in the hospital for all of these episodes (a total of 25 times in almost a year). I went undiagnosed with every possible test ran, and all I got from ER doctors is that I was healthy. I had blood tests for celiac, minor surgeries (endoscopy), GI doctors, dietary changes and I was only getting worse by the day….

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Tim Caller

Tim Caller, 36

Manchester, UK

It all started 3 years after smoking cannabis daily for my symptoms to present themselves. My first episode happened out of nowhere in an instant; an agonizing pain in my abdomen with constant heavy waves of nausea unlike anything I had experienced before…

Cheyenne R, 29

I had been smoking just flower for about 15 years. I went almost 2 years being violently ill in and out of the hospital with uncontrollable vomiting nearly every day. I had every test under the sun done and they found nothing. I lost about 30 pounds…

Amanda Tarantino, 26


I have smoked for 12 years but for the last few years have been waking up sick and needing to throw up some mornings. My first episode lasted 2 weeks, 3 ER visits, and a $600 bill even with good insurance. After the 3rd day I wanted to die because I was in so much pain. My taste buds on my tongue melted off from the acid coming into my mouth …

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