Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Story:

Tim Caller, 36, United Kingdom

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Tim Caller

It all started 3 years after smoking cannabis daily for my symptoms to present themselves. My first episode happened out of nowhere in an instant; an agonising pain in my abdomen with constant heavy waves of nausea unlike anything I had experienced before. I would vomit every 10-15 minutes and had extreme changes in body temperature. After my body had nothing left to expel it left me dry retching for two weeks. Unimaginable pain and nausea which left me wanting to die to end the suffering.

After 15 years, 10 major episodes and countless trips to the ER with no doctors understanding my illness or able to help with relief, apart from rehydration, I finally have the diagnosis of CHS. This has changed my life massively and abstaining from cannabinoids has resolved all my stomach issues. Although I am avoiding cannabis and related products I still live with the fear that this illness is very real and I pray I never have to experience it again.

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