Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Story:

Jacob Gray, 26, Ohio

Sober and Happy!

A couple years into using mid grade cannabis daily, I started sweating obnoxiously throughout the day whether I was high or not. That was the first sign I personally developed, but ignored. 

A few more years of daily use and then came the real side effects. I wouldn’t ever eat unless I was high first. If I ate a small meal, I would throw it up sooner than later if I didn’t smoke right before or right after. If I couldn’t get high, I just wouldn’t eat much if at all for fear of getting sick.

Now we’re to the end of my using, roughly 7.5 years of daily use and I just can’t live with these symptoms. The last month +, I just couldn’t eat or hold down food or water. It didn’t matter if I smoked or not. Finishing a sandwich was borderline impossible, whether I was using high or mid grade cannabis, and I had to go to the ER for two bags of fluids after losing a lot of weight and becoming dehydrated.It is clear now. The cannabis was hurting my body, badly. I’ve missed out on dates, family events, job opportunities and more. Not because I was too stoned or lazy, but because I was terribly sick ready to vomit almost every second, of everyday. Being sober now has given me a whole new outlook on life and I’ve never felt better.

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