Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Story:

Christine Leary, 56, New Hampshire

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Patient Christine Leary talks about her experience with CHS.

I smoked “pot” every day for almost 35 years. Around 2012 I started waking up in the morning with severe hunger pangs. In 2014 I started getting sick one Saturday a month, vomiting all day. After a few episodes I realized that the typical stomach virus wasn’t responsible for my symptoms.

Wondering if my diet was responsible, I tried everything from iron supplements to cutting whole wheat out of my diet. These remedies always worked short term and I always thought I’d found the answer. This was the result of a placebo effect common with CHS remedies.

I eventually learned about CHS via the internet and was able to quit using cannabis fairly easily as I was so happy to relieve my sickness.

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